6V-330-HD, Palm, 6 Volt 33Ah, Deep Cycle & Golf Cart Battery

The 6V-330-HD from Palm is a 6-volt, 330Ah deep cycle battery specifically designed for a variety of applications including golf carts and other deep cycle requirements. It combines robust performance with durability, making it suitable for both recreational and industrial uses.

Key Features:

  • 6 Volt, 330Ah Capacity: This battery’s 330Ah capacity signifies a substantial amount of energy storage, providing prolonged use and reducing the frequency of recharging. It’s particularly beneficial for applications that demand sustained power over extended periods.
  • Deep Cycle Design: Tailored for deep discharge and recharge cycles, the 6V-330-HD is ideal for applications where the battery is regularly drained and recharged, such as in golf carts or other electric vehicles.
  • Golf Cart Compatibility: Specifically designed for golf carts, it ensures seamless integration and reliable performance in various golf cart models.
  • Durable and Long-Lasting: Constructed to withstand the rigors of frequent use, especially in outdoor and demanding environments, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.
  • Versatile Application: While ideal for golf carts, its versatility extends to other areas such as renewable energy storage, marine applications, and mobile power solutions.

Ideal For:

Golf cart owners and operators in need of a reliable and high-capacity battery. Users in the renewable energy sector requiring a dependable deep cycle battery for energy storage.Marine applications and mobile power solutions that require a robust and long-lasting battery.

Why Choose the 6V-330-HD Palm Battery?

Opting for the 6V-330-HD means selecting a battery that offers extended operational capacity, reliability in deep cycle applications, and versatility across various uses. Palm’s commitment to quality ensures that this battery is a solid investment for those needing a durable and efficient power source.

6V-330-HD Palm Deep Cycle & Golf Cart Battery offers excellent energy storage and performance, making it an ideal choice for golf carts, renewable energy applications, marine use, and other scenarios requiring a robust and high-capacity deep cycle battery.

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Weight 92.00 lbs
Length 12.25in
Width 7.12in
Height 14.25in
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The 6V-330-HD Palm battery is a 6-volt, 330Ah deep cycle battery designed for golf carts and various other applications requiring sustained power. Its high capacity ensures prolonged usage and fewer recharges, making it ideal for scenarios like golf carts, renewable energy storage, and marine applications. Specifically tailored for deep discharge and recharge cycles, it offers durability and consistent performance, even in demanding environments.

This battery’s versatility and robust construction make it a reliable choice for users needing a high-quality, long-lasting deep cycle battery solution across diverse applications. Its design and quality affirm Palm’s commitment to providing efficient and durable power sources.

Product Reference Numbers:

6V 330 HD, 6V 330-HD, 6V-330-HD, 6V330HD