9C12, Deka 12V Floor Scrubber Battery, Group 921, 228Ah

The DEKA 9C12 Flooded 12V Battery are built with more deep cycle power for longer times on the green. Durability enhancements, high-density components, and an electrical short protection system ensure less maintenance in-between times of demanding use. Special manufacturing features significantly reduce time-consuming battery maintenance and frequent watering while delivering the industry’s most trusted performance. Integrated “twist-and-release” vent cap “quick fill” system releases vent caps in a single motion design, making maintenance a snap Ergonomic lift handles reduces the risk of slippage. Designed for easier installation. This golf cart battery requires less maintenance with its ultra-pure water utilization system. The exterior is constructed from polypropylene, which provides a durable and safe cover for the internal battery. This also helps prevent electrical shorts from occurring. This deep cycle golf cart battery has an excellent resistance to vibrations.

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Weight 57 lbs
Length 15.51in
Width 7.01in
Height 14.25in



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