AGM-D31M, Optima, 900cca 155rc, Blue Top, Group 31M, AGM Battery

The AGM-D31M from Optima is a robust and high-performing AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) battery, part of the Blue Top series. It stands out in the Group 31M category with impressive specifications of 900 cold cranking amps (CCA) and 155 reserve capacity (RC), making it a reliable choice for a range of applications.

Key Features:

  • High Cranking Power: With 900 CCA, it offers exceptional starting power, ideal for use in cold environments.
  • Extended Reserve Capacity: The 155 RC ensures prolonged operation of electrical accessories and is particularly useful in situations where the alternator cannot carry the entire load.
  • AGM Technology: The absorbent glass mat design provides enhanced reliability and a longer life span than traditional flooded batteries.
  • Group 31M Standard: Fits a broad range of applications that require Group 31M batteries, known for their durability and power.
  • Versatile Applications: While ideal for marine use, its capabilities extend to RVs, campers, and other vehicles that demand high-performance power sources.

Ideal For:

This battery is particularly suited for marine enthusiasts and professionals who require a reliable and powerful battery for their boats. It’s also an excellent choice for RVs, campers, and other vehicles where dependable starting power and reserve capacity are essential.

Why Choose the AGM-D31M, Optima Battery?

Opting for the AGM-D31M means investing in a battery that offers superior starting power, extended operation, and the reliability of AGM technology. Optima’s commitment to quality and performance makes this battery a top choice for those seeking a durable and efficient power solution.

AGM-D31M Blue Top battery from Optima is an excellent choice for a wide array of applications, delivering high performance, long life, and reliability, backed by the renowned quality of Optima Batteries.

BLUETOP® Marine Battery: The BLUETOP starting battery (dark gray case) is to be used when a dedicated starting battery is required; it should never be used for cycling duty. The dual-purpose BLUETOP (light gray case) can be used for both starting and deep cycling; it is a true deep-cycle battery with extremely high cranking power.

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Additional information

Weight 59.80 lbs
Length 12.81in
Width 6.56in
Height 9.38in
Manufacturer Code

Group Size

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20 Amp-Hour Rate



The Optima AGM-D31M Blue Top battery, featuring Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology, is a high-performing battery within the Group 31M category. It stands out for its robust specifications, including 900 cold cranking amps (CCA) for excellent starting power, especially in cold environments, and 155 reserve capacity (RC) for prolonged operation of electrical accessories.

This battery is versatile, ideal for marine, RV, and camper applications, and is known for its durability and power. The AGM-D31M is part of Optima’s Blue Top series, which includes a dark gray case model for dedicated starting requirements and a light gray case model suitable for both starting and deep cycling, offering high cranking power and deep cycle capabilities. Opting for this battery ensures a reliable, long-lasting, and efficient power solution.

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