AUX18L, Deka Automobile AGM Auxiliary Battery, 300 CCA

The Deka Auxillary Battery is designed and capable to deliver dependable auxiliary support to critical vehicle functions. AGM technological innovation optimizes valve-regulation and recombination efficiency through an individual cell venting system. This ensures unquestionable reliability while maximizing cycling performance. A durable, reinforced case, cover, and terminal design further protect the battery’s critical performance in almost any location of the vehicle.

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Length 8.12in
Width 3.56in
Height 6.37in




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  • Premium AGM Technology

  • Superior glass mat electrolyte retention

  • Protection against vibration maximizes
    long-term capacity

  • Individual cell venting system

  • Optimized valve-regulation
    and internal moisture creation process

  • Battery performance at maximum efficiency

  • Exclusive molded terminal design ensures
    best electrical connection

  • Spillproof durability critical for the
    variability of installation locations

  • Reinforced poly composite case and cover

  • Resists heat and damage

  • Enhances internal compression to extend life

  • Power-Perform®, full-frame plates
    combine a highly efficient current network

  • High-energy storage to optimize power performance

  • The trunk is a common location
    for start-stop auxiliary batteries

Battery Functions:

  • Start-stop functions in micro hybrids

  • Starting assist

  • Powering cabin accessories

  • Drive-by-wire power backup

  • Brake-by-wire power backup