DC24 Deka, 500cca 130rc 75Ah, Deep Cycle Marine Heavy Duty Battery ,Group 24

The DEKA DC24, part of the Marine Master flooded battery series, is a 12V battery specifically designed for marine use. It stands out for its user-friendly operation, tough marine-grade service, and extended reliability, making it an ideal choice for sea-bound activities.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-Duty Deep Cycle: Offers more power for trolling and electronic accessories, designed to support the unique demands of marine applications.
  • Protection Against Deep Discharge: Includes built-in features to prevent damage caused by deep discharge, enhancing the battery’s longevity and reliability.
  • Vibration Resistant Construction: The rugged build of the battery is resistant to vibration, an essential feature for the marine environment.
  • Reliable Modest Starting Power: Provides dependable power for starting even under challenging marine conditions.
  • Dual Terminals: Exclusive molded-in dual terminals allow for easy connection, offering flexibility for post or corrosion-resistant stainless steel stud connections.
  • Optimized Full-Frame Plates: These plates are optimized to withstand severe service demands, ensuring maximum current transfer and better performance in demanding conditions.
  • Extended Life Systems: Special separators are included to prevent electrical shorts that can rob the battery of life, protecting the power-producing components.
  • Fortified Current Carrying Components: These components are designed to resist vibration and maximize performance throughout the battery’s life, ensuring a consistent power supply.
  • Reinforced High-Density Plate Design: The heavy grid and reinforced, high-density plate design are tailored to withstand continual cycle service, providing more accessory power for longer durations.
  • Special Fiberglass Mats: Incorporated to improve deep cycling and long-life performance, these mats are a feature of the heavy-duty deep cycle batteries in this series.

Ideal For:

The DEKA DC24 is perfect for boating enthusiasts and marine professionals who require a reliable and durable battery for their vessels. It is especially suited for those who need a battery that can handle deep cycling and provide long-lasting power for various marine accessories.

Why Choose :

Opting for the DEKA DC24 means selecting a battery that is not only tailored for marine use but also one that offers extended durability, deep-cycle capability, and optimized power delivery. Its combination of rugged construction and innovative features make it a top choice for any sea-based power needs.

The DEKA DC24 Flooded 12V Battery from the Marine Master series represents a commitment to quality and performance in the marine battery market, ensuring that your time on the water is both productive and enjoyable.

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Additional information

Weight 46 lbs
Length 10.75in
Width 6.73in
Height 9.37in



Group Size



Manufacturer Code

Part Number

20 Amp-Hour Rate

Minutes @ 25 Amps



The DEKA DC24, part of the Marine Master flooded battery series, is a 12V battery designed specifically for marine applications. This heavy-duty deep cycle battery offers ample power for trolling and electronic accessories while providing protection against deep discharge. Its rugged construction is resistant to vibration, making it ideal for the demanding marine environment. The battery delivers reliable modest starting power and features dual terminals for easy connection.

With optimized full-frame plates, extended life systems, and fortified current carrying components, it ensures consistent power supply throughout its life. The reinforced high-density plate design and special fiberglass mats further enhance its deep cycling and long-life performance. The DEKA DC24 is the ideal choice for boating enthusiasts and marine professionals in need of a reliable and durable battery that can handle deep cycling and provide long-lasting power for various marine accessories. Trust in the DEKA DC24 for your marine power needs and embark on your sea-bound adventures with confidence.