GPL-4DL, Lifeline, 1360cca 390rc 210Ah, AGM Battery, Group 4D

The GPL-4DL from Lifeline is a high-quality AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery in Group 4D, renowned for its exceptional power and durability. It boasts an impressive 1360 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA), a significant reserve capacity (RC) of 390 minutes, and a capacity of 210 ampere-hours (Ah). This battery is expertly designed to meet the demanding requirements of various applications, including marine, RV, and backup power systems.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Exceptional Starting Power: With a 1360 CCA rating, it ensures powerful and reliable engine starts in various conditions, ideal for applications requiring strong and immediate power.
  • Extended Reserve Capacity: The 390-minute RC provides long-lasting power delivery, crucial for systems with high energy demands and in scenarios where consistent power is essential.
  • High Capacity: A 210Ah rating offers ample energy storage, making it well-suited for deep cycle applications across multiple settings.
  • AGM Technology: Delivers improved efficiency, durability, and maintenance-free operation. This leak-proof and vibration-resistant design is highly beneficial in demanding environments.
  • Group 4D Compatibility: Specifically tailored for systems requiring a Group 4D battery size, ensuring optimal compatibility and performance.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for a broad range of applications, including marine, recreational vehicles (RVs), off-grid power systems, and emergency backup power systems.

Ideal For:

The GPL-4DL is an excellent choice for individuals and professionals who require a reliable, high-capacity battery for marine, RV, solar power, or emergency backup applications. It is especially useful in situations that demand a dependable, long-term energy supply.

Why Choose the GPL-4DL Lifeline Battery?

Opting for the GPL-4DL means selecting a battery that offers outstanding capacity, reliability, and deep-cycle performance. Lifeline’s dedication to quality and innovation ensures this battery meets the high standards necessary for a wide range of demanding applications.

GPL-4DL Lifeline AGM Battery from Group 4D is a superior choice for those in need of a robust, efficient, and long-lasting power solution. Its impressive CCA, extensive reserve capacity, and substantial capacity make it a highly effective and dependable power source for a variety of applications.

The GPL-4DL is a high performance, Mil-Spec, AGM battery, produced in the United States. Due to the Lifeline Battery’s quality construction, it has an industry leading 2% per month self discharge rate at 77°F (25°C), compared to 10%+ for conventional batteries. Coast Guard approved, DOT Haz Mat Exempt, and longer lifespans than conventional batteries. Warrantied installations include marine, yacht, and other seafaring applications.

The Lifeline GPL-4DL AGM Battery is specifically designed for deep-cycle applications.

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Weight 124 lbs
Length 20.76in
Width 8.7in
Height 8.64in




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All Lifeline deep-cycle batteries are hand-made in the USA. These batteries are Coast Guard approved and have had to pass demanding mil spec requirements as they are onboard numerous US Military vessels. They are designed to deliver industry leading reserve capacities and life-cycle capabilities. The perfect combination of premium quality materials and perfected proprietary processes have catapulted Lifeline to an industry leader in value and customer satisfaction. All Lifeline deep cycle batteries are backed with an industry leading 5 year warranty.

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Lifeline: GPL4DL, GPL 4DL