Returns & Warranties

Damage caused by human improper operation voids all warranty


Headquarters & Distribution Center: The Battery Store , 4360 corporate square, Naples, Fl 34104


  1. Products that have been Used, Hooked Up, Installed, or CUSTOM MADE are NOT RETURNABLE. 
  2. Special Order products are NOT RETURNABLE

Products with core charges:

  1. Broken Cores will not receive credit
  2. Cores must be returned in their Original Box to receive credit.

Uninstalled / Unused products (excluding special order products):

  1. Can be returned for a full refund within 7 days of purchase.
  2. Can be returned for a 20% restocking fee within 15 days of purchase.

Products that are NOT RETURNABLE:

  1. Special Orders
  2. Custom Made Products & Cables
  3. Transfers from other stores
  4. Repair Work
  5. Used, Hooked-up, or Installed

Battery Warranty Policy

Warranty is Not Insurance, Not Customer Satisfaction and Not Unconditional.  Warranty is thru the Manufacturer Not The Battery Store.  

Warranty is Void for any battery if:

  1. The battery is dead/discharged. – batteries are electrical storage devices, we test each battery at time of sale to ensure it is 80% to 100% full of charge.  After purchase it is your responsibility to keep the battery charged.  Letting a battery go dead will damage the battery.  
  2. 12 volt batteries below 11 volts or 1.85 volts per cell voids warranty.
  3. 6 volt batteries below 6 volts or 2.00 volts per cell voids warranty.
  4. Burnt Terminals. Broken Cases, Swollen/Sunken Cases, and Improper operation void warranty.
  5. Capacity loss is not covered by warranty and batteries that do not take a charge are not covered by warranty.

Warranty does not cover a Dry-Cell battery if:

  1. The battery has been opened or depressurized.
  2. The cases are swollen or sunken.

Swelling results from: Overcharging

Sinking results from: Undercharging or Discharge

Warranty Months Adjustment Formula (if applicable):

Total months adjustment (divided by) Palm Battery’s Retail Price at the time of the Adjustment (multiplied by) Total months of Product Use.

Additional examples that warranty does not cover:


Warranty only covers defects in materials and workmanship. Marine Units are NOT WATERPROOF and if units ARE NOT labeled Marine, they ARE NOT approved for GAS ENGINES!


  1. Physically Broken Unit or Solenoid
  2. Worn Mounting Holes
  3. Burnt or Melted Unit or Solenoid
  4. Stripped Terminals
  5. Rust, Water or Oil Damage
  6. Chewed Starter Drives
  7. Internally Blown Apart Units
  8. Over Cranked Starters
  9. Disassembled Units
  10. Spun Pulleys installed by customers
  11. Starts that have stayed engaged
  12. Results from : Low cranking, low key voltage
  13. Broken Nose Housings
  14. A Spinning Starter forced to an abrupt stop; caused by – Backfires, Engagement into a moving engine & water or fuel in a Cylinder.

Additional examples that warranty does not cover:


Accessories are products such as – Battery Chargers, Inverters, Generators and other items in our show rooms. Warranty is 100% processed by the Manufacturer. We are Not Authorized to exchange products at our stores.