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You have many options when replacing your golf cart batteries. We offer lithium, AGM and traditional flooded deep cycle batteries for golf carts.

We offer local replacement of your golf cart batteries, in and around Naples FL. Our installation service includes, cleaning your battery connections and removal of your old batteries. In most cases the whole process takes approximately 1 hour.

Depending on how much corrosion your old batteries produced, you may need to have some or all of your battery cables replaced. Our technicians carry extra cables with them and the cost is $3 to $4 each. If the cable ends that connect your batteries to the controller or other components in the cart need to be replaced, our technicians carry these with them as well.

When replacing your batteries, it is good to rinse out the battery compartment. We will do this at no extra charge, simply give our technician a watering hose and show them the best place on your property to rinse your battery compartment. If you chose to have your battery compartment rinsed, be mindful of where you tell us to do this, as the corrosion and battery residue can stain driveways and pavers.

Once your battery replacement is complete our technician will drive your cart for a few minutes and then check your battery connections for heating. Proper battery terminal connections will not be too hot to touch, however sometimes cables can look good to the eye but are bad internally. If a bad connection exists it will be noticeable after driving for a few minutes. We also recommend that you check your battery terminals for heat after driving on a monthly basis. Poor connections can melt the lead terminals on a battery, battery terminals melt at roughly 620°F. A battery manufacturer warranty does not melted terminals.