ODP-AGM4D,1300cca 370rc 170Ah, Odyssey AGM Marine Battery, Group 4D

The ODP-AGM4D from Odyssey is a Group 4D AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) marine battery, designed to deliver superior performance in marine applications. It features an outstanding 1300 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA), a lengthy reserve capacity (RC) of 370 minutes, and a high capacity of 170Ah. This combination of power and endurance makes it an ideal battery for a variety of demanding marine environments.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Exceptional Starting Power: With a high CCA of 1300, this battery provides robust and reliable starting power, crucial for marine engines, even under challenging conditions.
  • Prolonged Reserve Capacity: The impressive 370-minute RC at 170Ah ensures extended and reliable power delivery, essential for longer marine operations and for powering a range of onboard electronics and accessories.
  • AGM Technology: Offers enhanced efficiency, durability, and leak-proof operation, which is particularly important in the demanding marine setting.
  • Group 4D Compatibility: Specifically tailored to fit and function optimally in systems requiring a Group 4D battery, ensuring seamless integration and performance.
  • Durability and Reliability: Constructed to endure the rigors of marine use, including exposure to moisture, vibrations, and varying temperatures.
  • Versatile Marine Use: Ideal for a wide range of marine applications, including boats, yachts, and other watercraft, as well as for use in RVs and off-grid power systems.

Ideal For:

The ODP-AGM4D is perfectly suited for boat owners, marine professionals, and enthusiasts who require a high-performance battery with exceptional starting power and long-term energy supply. It’s particularly beneficial for larger marine vessels and applications that demand a reliable, high-capacity power source.

Why Choose the ODP-AGM4D Odyssey Battery?

Opting for the ODP-AGM4D means investing in a battery that offers exceptional performance, reliability, and durability. Odyssey’s reputation for producing high-quality AGM batteries ensures that this battery meets the challenging requirements of marine applications, making it a superior choice for dependable and efficient marine power.

ODP-AGM4D Odyssey AGM Marine Battery from Group 4D is an outstanding choice for marine use, offering unrivaled power, extended capacity, and robust durability. Its advanced technology and significant starting capability make it a reliable and effective power solution for demanding marine environments.

Whether it’s a heavy duty commercial truck, an earth mover, a bus or a marine application, you depend on the vehicle’s electronics to provide valuable data, direction and even safety features. Therefore, you need a battery that can power those features without worry of failure. ODYSSEY Performance Series™ 4D-1300 batteries meet the ever-increasing power demands of today’s heavy vehicle applications.

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Weight 117.00 lbs
Length 20.40in
Width 8.80in
Height 8.60in




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Minutes @ 25 Amps



The ODP-AGM4D from Odyssey, a Group 4D AGM marine battery, stands out for its exceptional performance in marine environments with 1300 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA), a 370-minute reserve capacity, and a 170Ah capacity. This battery’s high starting power and prolonged reserve capacity make it ideal for various marine applications, including boats, yachts, and watercraft, as well as RVs and off-grid systems. Its AGM technology enhances efficiency, durability, and leak-proof operation, crucial for marine use.

The ODP-AGM4D is designed for systems requiring a Group 4D battery, ensuring optimal integration and performance. It is durable and reliable, able to withstand marine conditions like moisture, vibrations, and temperature variations. Perfect for boat owners, marine professionals, and enthusiasts needing high-capacity, reliable power, this battery is a superior choice for demanding marine applications. Odyssey’s reputation for high-quality AGM batteries confirms that the ODP-AGM4D is a top-tier choice for providing dependable, efficient power in heavy-duty and marine environments.


Product Reference Part Numbers

Odyssey: 4D-1300 , 4D1300 , ODPAGM4D