P-8000, Trojan, 8 Volt, 160Ah, Golf Cart Battery

The P-8000 from Trojan is an 8 Volt golf cart battery featuring a 160 ampere-hour (Ah) capacity. Designed specifically for golf carts, this battery is tailored to provide reliable and sustained energy for prolonged periods, making it ideal for golf courses, country clubs, and personal use in golf carts and electric utility vehicles.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • 160Ah Capacity: Offers a significant amount of energy storage, allowing for extended use of golf carts between charges, which is essential for both recreational and professional golfing activities.
  • 8 Volt Configuration: Optimally designed for golf carts, ensuring seamless compatibility and efficient power delivery in 8-volt golf cart systems.
  • Deep Cycle Performance: Excellently suited for the demanding deep discharge and recharge cycles typical in golf cart operations, providing consistent and dependable power.
  • Robust and Reliable: Constructed to endure the frequent use and varying terrains typically encountered in golf cart applications, ensuring durability and a long service life.
  • Trusted Brand: Trojan’s reputation for high-quality, reliable deep cycle batteries makes it a preferred choice among golf cart manufacturers and users.

Ideal For:

The P-8000 is an excellent choice for golf cart operators at golf clubs, resorts, and for individual owners who require a reliable, high-capacity battery. It is especially suitable for environments where golf carts are used extensively and require robust, long-lasting batteries.

Why Choose the P-8000 Trojan Battery?

Selecting the P-8000 means choosing a battery known for its endurance, capacity, and reliability. Trojan’s commitment to manufacturing superior deep cycle batteries ensures that this model will meet the high demands of golf cart applications, providing efficient and long-lasting power.

P-8000 Trojan Golf Cart Battery is an outstanding choice for anyone in need of a durable, efficient, and high-capacity battery for their golf cart. Its 160Ah capacity and 8-volt configuration make it well-suited for a wide range of golf carts, ensuring reliable performance and extended usage time.

Since 1925, Trojan Battery Company has been the world’s leading manufacturer of deep cycle batteries. Delivering superior power for any golfrenewable energyfloor machineaerial work platformmarine or recreational vehicle application, Trojan offers the most reliable deep-cycle battery products available today.

Trojan’s advanced battery designs are long-lasting, clean and built to withstand the challenges of harsh environments and rough terrain. All of Trojan’s products are backed by outstanding technical support and customer service. With over 85 years of experience Trojan products are truly powering the planet.

As the Trojan Battery Master Distributor for the southeast United States and the Caribbean, Trojan Battery Sales proudly sells more Trojan batteries than any other company in the world.

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Additional information

Weight 56 lbs
Length 10.37in
Width 7.12in
Height 10.87in
20 Amp-Hour Rate



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Minutes @ 56 Amps

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The P-8000 from Trojan is an 8-volt golf cart battery with a 160Ah capacity, specifically designed to meet the energy needs of golf carts and electric utility vehicles. This battery’s significant capacity allows for extended use between charges, ideal for both recreational and professional golfing applications. It features an 8-volt configuration for seamless compatibility with golf cart systems and is engineered for deep cycle performance, making it suitable for the repetitive discharge and recharge cycles typical in golf cart use.

The P-8000’s robust construction ensures durability and longevity, even in varied terrains and frequent use scenarios. As a product of Trojan, a trusted name in deep cycle batteries, it stands as a preferred choice for its reliability and quality. The P-8000 is particularly well-suited for golf clubs, resorts, and individual golf cart owners who require a high-capacity, dependable battery. Choosing the P-8000 signifies a commitment to endurance, capacity, and consistent performance, backed by Trojan’s reputation for producing superior deep cycle batteries, ideal for a wide range of golf carts and ensuring reliable operation and extended usage times.

Product Reference Part Numbers

Trojan: P8000, P 8000