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We can replace the battery in your Car, Truck, SUV, RV or Motorhome at our store here in Naples.

For Cars, Trucks, and SUVs with a single battery located under the hood without obstructions, installation generally takes 10 minutes or less. We do not charge an installation fee for this type of battery replacement. You will be notified of any installation fees before work is performed.

Many modern day vehicles have batteries located in various places, such as; in the trunk, under a seat, and in some cases a vehicle’s tire and wheel must be removed. For these types of vehicles, installation will take more than 10 minutes and an installation fee will be charged. If you need to know the installation time and installation cost to replace your battery, simply give us a call or stop by our store!

When replacing the battery we will keep power to your vehicle, to help prevent memory loss. This is a very critical step of the installation process. We will also check and clean your battery terminals.

If your vehicle is in need of battery terminal repairs, we will show you what is needed and provide a price for the repair. Battery terminal repairs are able to be done while the battery is being replaced and do not require a second visit or future appointment.

For RV or Motorhome battery replacement, we can replace both the engine and coach batteries. We stock a variety of Lithium, AGM, and traditional Flooded Deep Cycle batteries for your coach battery bank. In addition to replacing your batteries, we can program your battery charger and solar charge controller to the most suitable setting for your battery bank. We do charge a fee for RV & Motorhome battery installations. In most cases we can replace batteries while you wait, however an appointment may be needed depending on how busy we are.